Hawk Attacks Drone Quadcopter

Quadcopter Down! Quadcopter Down! A man was attempting to film fall foliage at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge Massachusetts. He was using a remote control drone Quadcopter for aerial video when a Hawk came out of seemingly nowhere and attacked the Quadcopter knocking the drone out of the sky. Luckily the young hawk wasn’t hurt. And the drone also survived the attack.

Cool New Wearable Drone

Team Nixie has designed a prototype quadcopter drone with a micro camera users could wear around their wrist. It is basically a high tech bracelet designed to take aerial photos on demand. When you want the drone to fly just press a button – the drone unlatches from your wrist and takes off. The quadcopter then takes a few photos and returns to the user. The idea is that the drone will be able to take seamless photos (selfies) of you when you are in positions where you can’t free your hands to take the photo yourself. Wearing this drone is similar to having your own personal photographer with you all the time. In an age where posting cool photos of yourself on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give others a peek at your life is popular, this little drone could prove invaluable.

DJI Phantom Now At The Lowest Price Of The Year

DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial Video Drone

DJI Phantom – Lowest Price Of The Year!

The DJI Phantom QuadCopter gives both experts and beginners the most affordable option for quality aerial photography and aerial video. Currently Amazon is has the drone listed at $479 with free shipping. The DJI Phantom comes ready to fly with the remote controller, batteries and charger. Read the instructions carefully .. take a few practice flights … add a GoPro and your ready for aerial video! This machine flies very stable and is capable of producing incredible footage. Please check out the below video to see the potential of this very stable quadcopter.

Fairly Easy DIY Build: Wooden T-Copter Foldable Frame

Sometimes the simplest TCopter designs work the best. This build is fairly easy to do with basic tools and equipment. The end product is a wooden TCopter frame that is sturdy and will fold up for easy storage.

First Production T-Copter

I have seen many custom built RC T-Copters and some individuals that build T-Copters custom for customers. This is the first production Remote Control T-Copter that I have seen for sale nation wide. It is called the Space Avengers Space Phoenix and is produced by Silverlit and Flying Toys Ltd. This RC T-Copter is 3 channels and can be flown indoors or outdoors. It is available via Amazon.com. Watch the video below so you will get an idea of just how good this T-Copter flies.

If you are interested in purchasing the Space Avengers Space Phoenix T-Copter it can be purchased via Amazon.com.

QuadCopter Frame – Hobby King Does It Again

Once again Hobby King has produced a new product and is selling it at a price 10 times lower than their competitions prices. Their latest and greatest product is a QuadCopter Frame at the insanely low price of $14.99. The frame is made out of 3mm thick plywood and it is huge. The distance between the two motors is around 20 inches. Moreover, there is a servo driven camera mount. It would be a challenge to find a camera mount alone for $14.99 never-the-less a complete frame and camera mount. The one con I noticed is the amount of small pieces that make up this kit and the amount of work it will take to put this frame together. Otherwise, this is a steal. Even though my true love is the T-Copter, this frame is just too good to pass up and will be perfect for aerial video and photography. Below are some photos from the Hobby King Website along with a video detailing the kit. The frame can be purchased at the Hobby King Website.

Quadcopter Frame

Quadcopter Frame Camera Mount

Some Fun With A Tri-Copter V. Firing Missiles

It looks like someone is having a little fun with their Tri-copter. I have no idea what they’re firing or how, but it sure does make for a cool video. My guess is the RC Tri-Copter is firing some kind of modified roman candle or possibly a mortar with a modified ignition. Either way it is a very cool idea for a video.

T-Copter Frame

There are a few different style T-Copter frames floating around the world wide web. We chose to use the below frame for our build because of it’s simplicity, strength and lightweight. This T-Copter frame was very easy to print and cutout. We purchased some thin wood at home depot along with a jig saw. All together we spent less than $40.00. Another option for the frame is to purchase a carbon fiber sheet and make the frame out of carbon fiber. This option might be slightly more expensive, but will look very nice on your T-Copter!

This PDF’ed frame image is to scale. All you need to do is to print it out, trace it on thin plywood and cut out two pieces.

T-Copter Frame PDF’ed to Scale

T-Copter Build Blog

Remote Control T-Copters are becoming more and more popular. They are comparatively easy to fly, inexpensive to build and fly exceptionally stable while lifting heavy loads. T-Copters are not only a favorite among RC enthusiast, but also among aerial photographers/videographers because of their smooth flying, maneuverability and their capability to lift cameras.

This blog will feature different aspects and builds of RC T-Copters. We will display the pros, cons and prices of all interchangeable parts. We will be posting different frame plan templates in PDF format that are to scale. Moreover we will provide the best known builds for specific aerial photography and/or videography needs. If you have any questions or comments we can be contacted at admin@tcopter.com